Hello and thank you so much for being here.

I have been coaching people on piano for over 35 years. Two of my long-time passions are:

1) Playing piano creatively

2) Helping others to enjoy doing the same

I don't feel as though one must endure four or more years of a college education for an individual to be in touch with his or her own personal potential for musical creativity. I have had the fortune of being in touch with some really terrific, encouraging teachers and am so very grateful for that. My passion for piano styling started early and I have been involved with helping people in this area since I was a teenager. One of the areas of piano styling that has always fascinated me (and continues to do so) is piano chords and voicings. When you have a handle on how to use them, there is no limit to how interesting and original your piano playing can be.

I created ProProach as a means to put professional chord voicing techniques in the hands of anyone who aspires to play favorite songs in a more creative manner. To do this, I wanted these concepts to be easily understood and digestible. So, I created each lesson by accompanying a reasonably short video session with comprehensive textual explanation and commentary. The purpose of this program is to help you become a more creative player with techniques and strategies that you can implement immediately.

It's all accessible online instantly.

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