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A Few Comments About These Lessons

Thank you for considering getting involved with ProProach. I had so much fun creating this program that I wouldn't be able to put it into words. I hope you have at least a fraction of that fun as you explore your potential with these lessons. That said, I would like to present a few comments about them:

  • ProProach was originally created to be followed in a chronological sequence. The lessons were issued once per week with the idea that the user would invest some amount of time prior to moving on to the next lesson. Doing so offers one to really acquaint himself or herself with the material and to make the most of a particular concept. Many people have benefited from following the lessons in this manner. At the same time, some people provided feedback that access to the lessons on command would be more desirable. With this in mind, the lessons are being offered in a format where you can purchase each lesson individually. You can monitor your involvement and progress as you go along. It's my hope that you will enjoy your experience with ProProach in a way that is both fun and rewarding for you.
  • Many people ask: "What do I already need to know if I am to gain the most value from this program?" It will help greatly if you are already familiar with how to read some chord symbols and how to play 7th chords at least in their basic positions (ex. Cmaj7 = C E G B). This program will have you taking that knowledge to higher creative levels!
  • Certain musical concepts warrant more than one lesson to be devoted to them - sometimes 2, 3, or 4. If it is your choice to purchase these lessons in a way that is not chronological, that is just fine. I would ask that you keep in mind that one lesson did serve as the inspiration for the subsequent one. 
  • Each and every lesson of ProProach consists of a textual tutorial and accompanying video. In almost every lesson, graphics are also used to further clarify certain concepts.
  • The length of the video sessions will vary, perhaps averaging about 7-10 minutes each. Some are shorter and some are longer. The length of the video was not a concern. The object was to present the points being made in a clear manner with whatever amount of time was necessary to accomplish that.
  • With the exception of Lessons 2 and 3, each video session consists of both the "live" piano and the animated video which highlights the keys as they are being played. Lessons 2 and 3 simply show the "live" piano.
  • The videos in this program are .mp4 files that you can simply view online or download and enjoy on your own device.
  • People who benefit the most from ProProach are those who take themselves through the entire series of lessons again and again. This leads to a deeper understanding and a more confident implementation of the concepts.
  • I appreciate you! The fact that you've come this far to investigate the possibility of getting involved with a program that will take your creative pianistic skill to greater heights puts us both on a shared level of music appreciation.  

Please enjoy your experience with ProProach!

With respect and gratitude,

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