Chord Substitution
The Major-Minor Switch

A Simple Chord Substitution Technique That Adds "Spark" To Your Music
By David Longo
Chord Substitution is a technique the pros use to add pizzazz to their songs by replacing certain chords in the songs they play with other chords. That's right, you don't have to be a "slave" to those chords you usually play. Your songs can, in fact, sound more interesting as you apply a concept pro players have been using for decades...

Now, there are lots of ways of applying this very exciting art of chord substitution. Unfortunately, a lot of beginners are intimidated by the concept because there's so much "information overload" out there that there's no wonder why they come to the conclusion (the wrong one) that this favorite strategy of the pros is beyond their scope of ability.

Well, that all stops here. Here's what we have here...


This easy-to-understand lesson was created with the beginner in mind. It's a good beginning. It will serve as your launching pad for taking the journey further. Hey, we've all got to start somewhere, right? That's the reason I created this.

What this is lesson presents is one particular strategy that you can begin using right now. It won't take you days, weeks, or months to assimilate. People who are used to my approach know that I'm into cutting things down to the ridiculously simple.

This lesson is no exception. It's not lengthy. It consists of just a few pages of reading. That's for a reason. I'm really into quick results. Sure, there's no argument that the more experience you gain, the more refined your results will be. This is true when it comes to pursuing any avenue. But this totally simple strategy is yours to begin putting to work for yourself from the very first reading.

How many times do you find yourself playing a song and catch yourself saying (or thinking) "What, this chord again? Geesh, how boring!" Well, this lesson is your ticket to putting yourself on the road to more creative freedom.


Whether you are currently playing songs using triads (three-note chords) like Cmaj, Amin, Fmaj, etc., or 7th chords like Cmaj7, Amin 7, G7, etc., you can put this lesson to immediate use and start turning those otherwise monotonous chord progressions into more colorful musical phrases that your ears will appreciate. Those listening to you from the other room are sure to notice the tasty new arrangements that you'll be creating... and you'll be doing it all effortlessly with just a little bit of application.

Are you ready? Okay, here's the best part. This lesson is being made super-affordable to you because I don't want you to miss out on it. I'm putting a promotional price tag on this lesson that will make this a no-brainer for you...

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That's right! No strings attached... you get the lesson for that low investment. This lesson is in .pdf format and you can print it out easily since it's just a few pages, so you won't be using an entire cartridge of ink to have it all on paper so you can prop it up on that piano stand and start transforming those songs of yours into arrangements you'll be proud of.

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Dave Longo
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