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- Pat, Rhode Island, USA

So what about those piano chord charts, huh?
YOU DON'T NEED need them and it's pretty likely
that you won't want them. You simply need to know HOW
to do it without them... the easy way...
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Stop GOING IN CIRCLES LEARNING THOSE 7th CHORDS!Master those 7th chords on the piano!

"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This program is that straight line between your wanting to master these 7th chords and actually doing so."
 Do you wish you had a handle on all those 7th chords on the piano without having to spend hours and hours learning how?
Would you like to be able to play all those 7th chords wihout having to endure textbooks of theory before doing so?

Do you want to learn those 7ths chords using the fastest possible method available?

Are you tired of giving up on playing your favorite songs because of those complex chord symbols that act as roadblocks? Would you like to put that sheet music up on that piano stand and KNOW IN ADVANCE that none of those piano chord symbols will intimidate you ever again?

 Would you like to have the kind of "chord confidence" that's necessary if you truly are going to enjoy playing those favorite songs the way they should be played rather than having to settle for those three-note chords that lack "sugar 'n spice?"

 Are you open to taking the shortcuts necessary to be playing piano chords in record time?

Are you ready to engage in a ridiculously easy step-by-step process that will prove to be the easiest way to gain mastery over these 7th chords that you've ever encountered?


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Master Those Chords With This Lightning Fast Approach
You see, this new program is different. It cuts out all the fluff. It was created with the assumption that you just want to know HOW to play all those 7th chords without having to learn all that drawn out, tedious, time-consuming theory behind them. It is, indeed, your ticket home if you wouldn't mind mastering HOW to play that many chords in the fastest way possible.

Truly, this will work for you. I am going to take you by the hand and show you HOW to play ten different types of 7th chords... and I'm going to leave you with the confidence you need to play these chords in any key you want to.

Better Than A Chord Chart
Yes, a chord chart cannot come close to living up to what this learning process will do for you. Why? Well, think about this for a minute... the people who create those charts KNOW the chords in order to make them available to you that way. Wouldn't it be better if you had the same kind of confidence of KNOWING how to play any given 7th chord on the piano at will? Of course it would!
What's Wrong With Learning Theory, Anyway?
Absolutely nothing! I don't discourage you from learning the theory behind all of these chords. On the contrary... I highly encourage you to do so! But you don't have to know all the "why"s before you start making music. I'll let you in on something right now. I learned piano chords inside and out for about seven years before I was started to REALLY get to the bottom of it all. I will also go so far as to say that because my chord playing skills were already developed to a high degree, my appreciation for the theory was at an especially high level, too! That's because I had less of a challenge with playing what they were talking about in all those textbooks.
So How Does This Work?
It's very simple. This program will provide you with all of the most often used 7th chords that you will find during your musical journey... it will put you in touch with the nomenclature (the chord symbols) and it will show you, in extraordinarily simple steps, HOW to have those 7th chords popping out of your fingertips in record time. In addition, you'll have the knowledge to play them in any given key that you want to! If you learn each of them in 12 keys, you'll have mastered 120 terrific 7th chords! Talk about confidence!
Chord Symbols Made Easy

Never again be intimidated by those complex looking chord symbols like:
maj7 min7 dim 7 aug7 etc...

they won't bother you anymore. Why? Because this program makes it all clear to you. You'll be associating these symbols with the video demonstrations and it will all "click" for you...

What Will I Be Able To Do Once I've Complete This Program?

You will know how to play ten different 7th chords in their basic root positions. Since a purpose of this program is to get you playing these 7th chords right away, you won't get bogged down with all the theory behind them. Your own curiosity will eventually lead you to discovering all that, but the intent here is to get you to see a chord symbol and be able to play it. Later, you can explore playing chord inversions, chord extensions, chord voicings, and more. The focus here is to present a way to play these 7th chords so that anyone can enjoy success.

Audio Animation Videos Make It All Easy As Pie
Watching and listening the animated audio videos will have you mastering how to play these piano chords in lightning fast time. The process really is so easy to follow, it's almost funny. You've got to see for yourself...


7th Chord Mastery!

$19.99 $10 Today!

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