Piano Chords 101

Does Playing Chords On The Piano
Seem Like A Mystery To You?

Stop Wondering How...
Start Playing Them Now!

Dave Hi, I'm Dave Longo...

Whether you have never played a chord on the piano before or you want to be mastering some of the basics within a matter of a few minutes, I have created something that will cause you to experience results that will be worth celebrating. Piano Chords 101 is for you if you:

Have always wanted to learn chord piano but didn't know where to begin
Have never played a chord on the piano before
Have played a few chords but never explored your potential
Want to learn how to play the four types of basic triads in all keys
 Are looking for the quickest route to learning them

What  you get:

Instant downloadable guide with easy-to-understand instructions and graphics
You WILL BE playing chords within minutes with this system
A video demonstration which "holds you by the hand" through each and every step
Inspiration and encouragement that will put your confidence "on steroids"

What we cover:

Piano Chords 101 Lesson Image

Major triads
Minor triads
Augmented triads
Diminished triads
The easiest method possible for being able to play each of them in all keys confidently

What you need to know prior to beginning:

This is amazing, but true. If you have a piano or keyboard that you can start having some fun on, you are ready! It would be helpful to know the names of the keys of the piano keyboard - at least the white ones. That's it! And, if you need help learning the names of the keys, simply send me an email and I will provide you with the  resource you need (FREE) to learn them.

By the time you complete this easy-to-follow program, you will have the confidence necessary to be able to play 48 chords on the piano. Once you have this learning program in front of you, within minutes, you will be saying to yourself, "Wow, there really is nothing to it!" 

Yes, you will experience that kind of confidence! 

How long will it take? Not weeks... not days... but minutes... yes, minutes! Watching the video alone will give you this confidence... you'll see!

Begin Right Now

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I know you have arrived at this page for a reason... and I am confident that YOUR CONFIDENCE when it comes to playing chords on the piano will skyrocket  within minutes. Go ahead and give me permission to send you the eBook and video demonstration right now!

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