Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy
Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy
Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy
Dave, your coach Welcome! Dave here... the art of playing "chord piano" is perhaps the most popular topic brought up by people I correspond with. Depite how "in demand" a method that covers this subject may be, it seems a challenge to find good instruction for this style of playing piano. How do I know? Because people like you have requested help along this avenue time and time again. So, I decided to do something about it... yes, I really do read all those emails I receive!
Most of us, upon being introduced to learning chords on the piano, fall into the common mode of playing chords with the left hand and playing melody with the right. Is this wrong? Of course not... but for the person who wants to explore his or her potential when it comes to creating some nice sounds on the piano, it really does have its limitations. Perhaps you, the person reading this, are one of the many people I have received email messages from requesting some guidance when it comes to approaching playing piano chords from another angle - specifically, playing both the melody and chords in the right hand.. This approach to piano playing really does add dimension to your piano playing... once you get a hang of it, possibilities are limitless! Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy

Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy has been created for the individual who aspires to get involved with this very popular way of playing piano and who hasn't necessarily been exposed to much material in the way of piano chord styling. One would likely expect to learn such a technique only after many years of experience playing chords on the piano to begin with. But. I'm telling you, it doesn't have to be that way!

This program has been created so that even the earliest beginner can become acquainted with playing "right hand chord piano." To be accurate, you only need to know how to play three chords on the piano to get involved with this program! For the more advanced student whose "chord vocabulary" is more extensive and has not introduced himself or herself to this style of piano, he or she will find it very easy to apply these strategies while enjoying more freedom. I use only three chords  to illustrate all my examples in this program, and if you can play 7ths, 9ths, etc., you will find it easy to take what you learn and implement the strategies with added flair. But I would like to emphasize here that you do not need to be advanced by any means to follow along with this program. If you know how to play a C Major chord, F Major chord, and a G Major chord, you are ready to proceed!

You will learn:
  • How to play both chords and melody in your right hand while allowing your left hand to take on another role
  • How to add rhythmic interest to your playing in a very simple fashion
  • How to create the effect of having a three piece band at your fingertips

You will learn all this... THE EASY WAY!

Are you ready to get started? Go grab yourself a favorite beverage and join me here as we get ready to create some really professional sounds on the piano you never previously thought possible! Click the "Get Started" button above and let's have some fun at those keys. And remember,







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