How The Program Works


How the program works...Gain Access To ALL 24 Lessons Today

Traditionally, ProProach lessons have been delivered directly via email on a weekly basis. Each lesson will consist of a textual explanation of the lesson (usually including graphics) and, of course, a video demonstration. Would you like to receive all of them at once? You can. After your purchase, simply contact me via the form on this site and I will see to it that I get all of them to you. That said, please know that the program is designed to work best in a fashion in which your concentrated attention to a given lesson over the course of a number of days, actually applying what you learn, leads to more confidence. Approaching this program like a “book on chord voicings” is not the way to go. Throughout the site, you will come across references to the idea that this program should be used in the way described above. That said, if you understand this and are dedicated to using the program in a manner in which it was intended, I will send you access to all the lessons so that you can have them available for your enjoyment. I check those emails often, you will have access to them within a very short amount of time.

For your convenience, each lesson can be easily printed. In addition, the video demonstration can by downloaded (it comes available as an .mp4).

You can take your time with each lesson. It is suggested that you spend at least a week on each, applying what you ProProach piano chord programlearn in different ways. For example, you may want to have fun learning a certain chord voicing in a number of keys. Also, you will want to incorporate what you are learning into favorite standard songs of your own (ProProach not only shows you how to play interesting “pro” chord sounds but also teachers you how to use them!).

The lessons will always be available for your reference. Once you have taken yourself through all the lessons, you will be provided a complete list of them, including the videos, so that you can take yourself through the program again and again. Doing so has proven time and time again to be most beneficial, as you will view these lessons in a different light every time you expose yourself to them.

Whatever level you are at, ProProach is a program that you can grow with. The more you apply yourself to the material, the more musical insights you will gain!