Jazz Piano Chord Voicings PDF: Major 9th Chords

Jazz Piano Chord Voicings PDFI am sharing this jazz piano chord voicings PDF as a follow-up to yesterday’s message. If you had the opportunity to read that, you’re in touch with the fact that transposing those voicings to other keys can be highly valuable. Let’s face it, if you learn a particular voicing for a Cmaj9 chord, that doesn’t automatically prepare you for executing the same voicing for an Abmaj9 unless you’ve familiarized yourself with the “shape” of that structure under your fingertips. In addition, it helps to actually to see what that voicing looks like. The best way to accomplish this is to have played it time and time again.

Jazz Piano Voicings PDF – Voicing In Lesson #1 of ProProach

Clicking on the link above will show you how to gain access to not only the PDF but you’ll also receive Lesson #1 of ProProach, which includes a video demonstration of the chord voicing being used.

This brings me to another point when it comes to chord charts. To many, it seems like a really convenient idea to have a chart of a chord or voicing on a written page, The question I have to ask you regarding this is: Would you potentially gain more value from 1.)  reading those transposed voicings or 2) from actually coming up with them on your own? If you were to ask me, I’d opt for the latter. After all, if you are looking to become a more creative player, it makes sense to take part in that creation process at different levels.

Piano Chord Voicings TreasureLet’s consider a little analogy here. Suppose you knew for sure, based on reliable resources, that there was a buried treasure somewhere within a 500-foot radius of your current position. Along with that, you were promised that, with considerable effort, you would be guaranteed to find it at some point. If you’re like most people, being handed the map that illustrated a straight route to that treasure would be your preference. But what if you chose to look for it on your own? Is there a chance that there would be a whole lot more you could discover on your way to actually locating that treasure? Given the map, you would cheat yourself of the opportunity to explore the territory all around you and all the other treasures that you might have missed otherwise.

So, this particular jazz piano chord voicings PDF is being provided as an incentive for you to have a taste of what it’s like to play and hear the voicing that was presented in Lesson #1 of ProProach. After taking yourself through a couple of the keys, perhaps you will feel inspired to use that 1-7-3-5-9 formula to come up with the others without relying on the chord chart. If so, you have my congratulations. This kind of self-initiative will prove to bring you many more happy returns as you see yourself through the ProProach lessons that follow.