Voicings: Your Ticket To Piano Mastery

Play Pro Piano Chords: Fun Learning Voicings

Piano-Chord-VoicingsIf you are giving consideration to learning how to play pro piano chords or voicings in a manner that has proven to be effective time and time again globally, please allow me to extend my heartfelt thanks. You see, the fact that you are here is a privilege for me. As I sit here and write this message, I am compelled to reflect back on my early days when I didn’t even know what a jazz piano voicing was.

I was just a teen taking a saxophone lesson in the basement of our home (my teacher made house calls). It was a joy to have him come every week since he was, to me, the hottest player in town. He would write out an original tune right there during the lesson, which usually took no more than about 10 minutes. Then he would comp the chords while I was required to play the head of the tune and then improvise over the chord changes.

Jazz Piano Voicings… Hahhhhhh?

Now, as of that time, I had already been playing piano for at least 5 years and had piano chords drilled into my head during all that time. So, I thought I had a decent handle on all the chords there were to know. I mean, I knew all my triads, major 7th chords, minor 7th chords, diminished 7th chords, dominant 7th chords, and more. But the chords he was comping with just didn’t look like anything I had previously learned… and they sounded awesome!

So, I asked him, “What are those chords you’re playing?”

“Voicings,” he replied.

That was the first time my ears ever experienced the word. Upon hearing it, I instantly realized that a fresh beginning was about to take place in my piano adventures without even knowing what he was talking about. Even though I was taking sax lessons at the time and had convinced myself that was going to be it for me, it really wasn’t. At the heart of it all, piano was still my thing.

So, he went on to tell me what was going on with those voicings – what they consisted of. I was mesmerized and knew that my new journey of exploration had just begun. So, I hit the books and studied voicings. Eventually, I also hooked up with another teacher that this guy recommended, which lead to my really understanding that I didn’t know much at all.

At a later point, I reflected on those times and had a passion for wanting to share what I had learned in a manner that just about anyone could understand. I didn’t want this piano voicing program to just appeal to people who were serious students of jazz playing or jazz theory. As a matter of fact, I wanted to make it so that theory was not a factor that got in the way for even the novice to want to pursue an avenue that truly has its rewards for any individual who has an appreciation for piano chord sounds, in general.

You Can Have Fun With Chord Voicings At Any Level

So, if you know your chords, like C major, G minor… even 7th chords, like G7, Bdim7, Amaj7, etc… just know that there is way more to learn than what you have experienced up to now. Of course, give respect to what you have learned because that will serve as a great foundation for exploring these jazz piano voicings.

You don’t have to aspire to be a jazz musician to gain benefit from ProProach, by the way. If you aspire to learn how to create some great harmonic sounds on that piano or keyboard of yours, even if you are not able to read music, this program can indeed work for you. It utilizes textual explanations that are easy to understand. Crystal clear graphics are provided whenever appropriate (which is most of the time). Also, a video that demonstrates the lesson at hand. You can simply copy the chord diagrams that are provided if you like.

Two interesting aspects of this piano chord program are:

  1. Whatever level you are at, you can use it to take to the next level. People take themselves though the ProProach lessons many times over, each time discovering things they didn’t realize before. So, both beginners and advanced players view these lessons differently!
  2. ProProach not only teaches you how to play these great piano chord sounds but it also shows you how to incorporate them into your favorite songs. This is one of the unique features of this program that people have remarked about repeatedly.

It Goes Beyond Voicings

It should be noted that ProProach is not limited to discussing pro chord voicings. You will also discover pro tips and trade secrets using even the more basic chords in a way that make your favorite tunes come to life. In short, it is a chief aim of this program to get you to become a more creative piano stylist!

Let’s Begin Having Fun With ProProach Now!

I want to thank the many members who continue to send emails my way. Each of them, of course, is read and responded to. I hope yours is the next one. If there is anything I can do to help you realize how ProProach can fit into your plan, please let me know. In addition, if you have already subscribed to ProProach and are wondering how you can more effectively apply yourself to one of the lessons, I’m here for you. Whatever questions you have, please know that I am so very happy that you have given consideration to this popular learning vehicle that I can truly say has helped so many people.