Jazz Piano Voicing Videos

Jazz Piano Voicings ProgramThe jazz piano voicing videos that are included with ProProach are in mp4 format. A number of people have inquired wondering if they could use their iPads for viewing them. The answer is, of course, yes.

Each video that accompanies every lesson on ProProach has a specific purpose. The length of these videos was not a concern while creating them. Rather, the intent was to demonstrate a piano chord voicing or piano styling concept in an effective manner. You will find that each video compliments the textual explanation of each lesson quite nicely.

It’s true that we live in a day and age where learning by seeing (as in watching videos) seems to be preferred. That said, please remember that there is much to be gained by reading as well. You see, when you really think about it, many of the pianists/musicians that you have come to admire were brought up in a time frame where videos were not available. Bill Evans, for example, likely didn’t have any jazz piano voicing videos to learn from. Therefore, much of the learning was achieved by taking self-initiative, which resulted in their creative greatness!

This is made quite clear to those who take advantage of Pro Piano Chord Bytes, which is a program that was created without videos. Rather, the commentary provided that compliments each piano chord voicing is meant to lead the student toward gaining insights of his or her own.

Remember, creativity is not the result of mimicking others. Watching and reproducing what others play is certainly valuable, as it leads to developing a musical vocabulary just like when you first started learning words and phrases. But after doing that, you ultimately nurtured the ability to speak your language in your own style, using your own voice inflection.

ProProach takes both methods of learning into account along with providing clear, illustrative graphics that further support the learning process. Once exposed to a particular lesson, you are highly encouraged to go sit at that piano or keyboard of yours and begin implementing the concepts discussed right away. Your application of the material is what will be conducive to your becoming a more creative player.

Also, please don’t underestimate the value of taking yourself through these lessons multiple times. As you gain experience and playing maturity, each lesson will take on a new meaning for you. ProProach members have reported amazing results by proceeding through the program a second, third, fourth time, etc.

Ultimately, what you gain from your involvement in this program is up to you. I’m delighted that you’ve considered using ProProach as a tool that will take your playing to higher levels of harmonic creativity.