Is This Chord Voicing Program For You?

Piano Chord Voicing ProgramSo… is this piano chord voicing program for you? So many individuals who discover this site for the first time – especially people who don’t know what a “voicing” is – will simply move on, figuring that the material here is more advanced than what they are ready for. In short, they often cheat themselves of an opportunity to have a lot of fun creating some really great chord sounds at the piano.

It’s a lot like art. If you have an interest in doing some painting, you don’t have to know much about the finer technical aspects of watercolor or oil painting to buy a paint set and start experimenting with colors on a canvas. You can simply start familiarizing yourself with those different colored paints and start creating with them. You can even have a ton of fun mixing the different colors to see what results you get. You don’t even have to have a picture that you want to paint in mind to enjoy all the benefits.

That’s what this piano chord voicing program can be like for you. You can simply look at the diagrams, copy what you see and duplicate them on your piano keyboard. Watching the videos makes it even more interesting. Just like that aspiring artist who might eventually paint an actual picture, you can learn to incorporate those wonderful chord sounds that you are learning into real songs.

At different levels of your development, lessons that you have been exposed to will take on different meanings. Beginners will appreciate the material here in a different way that a skilled pianist would. However, both individuals will gain value and benefits from the lessons.

Maybe you are a beginner who just wants to enjoy creating some sounds on that piano or keyboard of yours. Perhaps you are a person who actually knows how to play some of those old standard songs and always wanted to know how the pro players achieve those lush-sounding chords that you hear them play time and time again. Whoever you are, you can have a ball with this program.

You are encouraged to have fun exploring the world of harmonic color with ProProach. Also, I look forward to hearing about your discoveries along the way!