What Topics Do We Cover With ProProach?

Have fun with ProProach!Okay, during these next 24 weeks, we cover way too much to talk about in detail here. Though not complete, the following list will give you an idea of what this program has to offer you. The items here are not chronological or in any particular order. By the time you have taken yourself through ProProach, you will have had fun not only being introduced to these concepts but you will also have been shown HOW to use what you’ve learned thankfully, that’s a feature that so many people have expressed appreciation for).

We explore:

9th Chords
11th Chords
13th Chords
Diatonic Chords
Altered Chords
Upper Structures
Tri-Tone Chord Substitution
Open Chord Voicings
Rootless Chord Voicings
Block Chords
Quartal Voicings
Using Voicings Over Progressions
Suspended Chords
Harmonic Fills
Using Economy In Your PlayingAnd other fun aspects of piano styling.
We will take actual excerpts of so many popular standard songs and actually demonstrate how to instantly apply the piano chord strategies you are learning. Just a few of these include:

ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  Alfie by Bacharach and David
Misty by Erroll Garner
ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  My Love by Paul McCartney

ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  Over The Rainbow
             by Arlen and Harburg

ProProach Piano Voicings and Chords Program  Georgia On My Mind
                      by Carmichael and Gorrell

Many people wonder if they have to be good readers to enjoy this program. The answer is no. You can read more about that here. However, please know that graphics are used in a very understandable fashion. So, really, even if you are the kind of person who is a hobbyist and doesn’t want to get into the “theoretical” side of things, you can copy what you see in the pictures and videos to be playing some great sounds. Of course, many individuals want a more comprehensive understanding of what they are playing and this program certainly accommodates that desire.

ProProach can be enjoyed by everyone!Each lesson comes with a thorough textual explanation. Graphics are provided whenever necessary, of course. Along with that, each and every lesson is complimented with a video session. Some of these sessions are on the shorter side… some are longer. In developing this program, whatever was necessary to get the subject matter across in a comprehensive manner so that it could be easily grasped was provided for each lesson. That was my aim.

ProProach is meant to be FUN… and, yes, quite educational! That said, people of all ages and a variety of backgrounds from many different parts of the globe continue to enjoy it. I consider that quite a privilege and I am so very grateful for each and every person who has supported this program that I put my whole heart and soul into and had so much fun creating, to say the least. I hope you enjoy benefiting from it as much!

One of the things that especially pleases me to know is that ProProach has been used by people of so many different skill levels. Some members have had very little knowledge of chords to begin with and continue to use the program to inspire their curiosity to keep learning more. Let’s face it… when you place your hands on that piano keyboard and you can get some beautiful harmonic sounds just by following some simple illustrations, that can be quite a thrill. Other students, who have a more advanced knowledge of 7th chords and even some chord voicings, use this program to take their understanding and enthusiasm to greater heights.

Truly, what ever level you are at, you can grow with this program. A fantastic thing about ProProach is that as you take yourself through the lessons over and over again through the coming months and years (which you will be able to), you will be realizing things you didn’t catch the previous time around… now that’s music to anybody’s ears!

The feedback that I continue to receive delights me in a way that I cannot describe in words. In short, you all inspire me so very, very much!

Please enjoy ProProach.

A few tiny excerpts of ProProach:
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