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Dave, your coach Hello! Dave here... This special video session is chock full of useful cocktail piano strategies that
will ensure that you can sound "pro" even with a minimal amount of experience. Whatever your current level, you're likely to discover that you'll find contained within enough helpful tips to take your playing to the next... and the next...

This session is devoted to you if...
You're a beginner who aspires to play fun songs and feels as though you need to take yourself through a thousand steps to get there and simply feel as though you don't have the time or what it takes...

You only know how to play simple triads (three-note chords) and feel as though you can't do much with such simple chords (you're likely to be surprised)

You have some experience playing tunes and are looking to enhance your playing style with some pretty cool ways to present them...

You aspire to play cocktail piano in a restaurant, club, or your own living room and want the kind of direction that will serve as the inspiration you need to want to move ahead with that aspiration...

You are already somewhat confident with playing cocktail piano and are always seeking ways to allow your piano playing to blossom even more by exposing yourself to creative ideas whenever you can...

As this session unfolded, I really didn't know what was to occur from one minute to the next. The result? I pretty much "crammed" a lot of ideas that you can refer to again and again if developing that personal piano style of yours is a goal :o)


How can this be for everyone?
You know, it's kind of funny (as in a "strange" kind of funny)... like I said, I never anticipated this session to be created. But I was reflecting on how there are so many people with whom I correspond on a regular basis who come from all walks of life with various levels of piano playing goals, and I felt inspired to offer something to each and every one of them. I mean, even if you don't know how to play chords yet, this session is meant to serve as your inspiration to want to do that. If your experience is more so, then you'll find that this session will also serve you well because, as the session unfolds, we get a little more involved... and a little more involved... and a little more...

You've heard the expression, "Little things mean a lot" before? Well, you might view this session as a chest full of those "little things." In short, this special video session will take you by the hand (whatever level you are at) and walk you to newer and newer levels of playing, the intention being to have you inspired to use this material in ways of your own that will truly result in the development of a personal playing style you can feel pretty terrific about!

I love this song (written by Meredith Wilson) and we do use a good portion of it to demonstrate several concepts that I feel you can use to enhance your playing in a professional, tasteful manner... again, as with many of my other sessions, the idea is for you to learn these ideas to the point of feeling confident with incorporating into your own personal favorite tunes, of course!

That said, the session is about way more than this particular song. You see, it really is about YOU! It's about you acknowledging your personal love for music and having genuine respect for your current level of playing... AND it's about your really coming to the conclusion that you don't have to know a lot to sound great! I think you'll soon understand what I mean!

By the way, you don't have to follow along with any music, though I am providing a lead sheet for those eight measures that will will be having fun with just in case you'd like to...

Okay, so how 'bout it? Care to join me at those keys and explore what you're made of? Friend, you do
indeed have what it takes... I believe in you!

A few things we acknowledge in this session:

*Varying that left hand to create interest in the listener's ear

*Utilizing the "element of surprise" to give your playing that "extra something"

*Giving that right hand more of a role than just playing the melody

*Using "sus chords" in a couple of interesting ways

*Sounding acceptable to your audience even with minimal experience

...much more!
Special Note to those who have become involved with
Pro Piano Creativity: The Nitty Gritty:
A combination of your exposure to that session along with implementation
of its suggestions and techniques we acknowledge in this session can
be especially conducive to positive piano styling development.

We have a great time exploring these eight measures in various ways...
no need to read, however, to benefit from this fun session! Join me
for some fun at those keys by clicking on the order button below!
(This session is approximately 37 minutes in duration)

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