Hello and welcome…

My name is Dave Longo. I have performed as a pianist in many different scenarios throughout the years, including private parties, weddings, corporate functions, and for a number of the major cruise lines. Although my experience includes playing in a group context as well, I have always had a particular fondness for the creative flexibility that performing as a soloist offers.

In addition, a significant amount of my time has been dedicated to offering one-on-one instruction in a private studio setting as well as online sessions. The sense of satisfaction I get from seeing a student’s development and appreciation for this art form is indescribable. There’s just something about the chemistry that takes place when someone with a thirst for what I am teaching suddenly “gets it” and is dedicated to learning more.

My passion for sharing my views in this arena led me to creating a number of online piano learning programs. Among the first was ProProach. A most recent project is “TV” Tips. That said, none of what I offer could not exist without you. I hope you will interact with me as we proceed on this journey together. Please let me know how I might serve you better and how I can make your experience here on the site worth even more to you.

Thank you so very much for investing some of your valuable time with me…

With respect,

Dave, your host