Chord Voicing Stir Fry!
Dave, your coach Hello! Dave here... Popular request has resulted in my creating something I never have before!
Once I got wind of the fact that people were looking for something like this, I became excited. Why?
Because it just makes sense. I mean, if you aspire to become more confident with piano chord voicings
as they apply to the development of your own personal piano playing style, I cannot see any possible way
this won't help you! I'll take it a step further... this tool offers so much flexibility that, even though I created
it, continuous exposure to it can only help me, too! Don't believe me? Once you get a drift of what this
is all about, I think it will become more clear to you. Truly, this is different...

Use your imagination for just a minute here, okay?

You've got the lead sheet propped up on your piano or keyboard stand (I am providing
the lead sheet)... you're looking at the melody, considering what chord voicings would sound great
and where. You start playing the song and... shazamm! A little genie makes an appearance right
next to you and start whispering in your ear! "For this melody, play this chord voicing... "

So, you "obey and play!" Wow, it works! The genie continues... "Okay, now for that melody note,
play this chord this way." Again, you "obey and play!" Again, it sounds terrific!

On and on it goes! You've got the genie there for the duration of the entire song! Hmmmm,
we'd better keep this a secret, eh? I mean, you simply can't go wrong with a genie like this, right?

Okay, the "genie" is a special combination of a specially coded lead sheet with numbers that
correspond with numbers on your specially prepared chord voicing charts.

You read the lead sheet...

Youu see the melody note...

You look at the big red number just below...

You look to the right on your special chord voicing chart...

You play the voicing...

You sound sensational!

But the best part is this: the system works a whole lot better than that. You see, it serves as
a perfect guide, yes. But you're going to take it several steps further yourself because the more
you expose yourself to the lead sheet and those voicings on the chart, the more you realize,
"Wow, I can change things around by playing this one here instead! And I can change this
voicing just a little and the sound I get is different! What happens when I play this voicing
here... or here?" Yikes, it's one insight after another!

Looking to excel when it come to playing voicings on those keys? This is good news : )

Also, you're given a commentary sheet so that you can gain maximum benefit from your
experience. As you expose yourself to this "paint-by-number" system, you realize even more
that what you're learning is easily conveyable to your other favorite tunes! (It's really kind of like
"painting" because you're "colorizing" your music in ways you didn't before!) From the very first
time you sit at that piano or keyboard of yours, you're growing musically! What's more is,
after a period of days, you're seeing for yourself that piano styling has taken on a whole
new meaning. "Hey, this stuff is getting easier!" You'll have fun with this.
When it came to creating it, I had a ball!

So, you see, there's no end to how you can use this. You start out with this one song
and you find that what you're learning is not only transferrable to other songs but
your personal piano styling is beginning to develop more and more!
Gosh, I'm getting more excited as I write this!

You'll be having fun with Hoagy Carmichael & Stuart Gorrell's Georgia On My Mind, made ever so
popular by the legendary Ray Charles. You'll have one lead sheet with those red numbers
and another to use as you wish. Perhaps you'll want to write your own notes or
reminders... or even create your own special arrangement! I'm pretty sure you're
going to use this learning tool in a fashion that spells nothing short of success for you!

You get:

*Two lead sheets, one with the numbering system and one without

*One page of valuable commentary to get the most benefit from your experience

*Five pages of chord voicing charts, each containing nine voicings (Lots of fun! Some
of these will repeat when deemed appropriate in the tune, of course, but the variety you will
get is terrific because, altogether, you've got 45 "play-by-number" situations!

Chord Voicing Stir Fry | Easy As 1-2-3!

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In addition, the commentary can be super beneficial because we acknowledge some
issues one normally has to face when it comes to the various lead sheets out there.
As you know, they can really vary from one to another! Well, the points made  here
can clear some things up for you and help you look at lead sheets with more
confidence. This is something that, in my opinion, is worth noting.

I truly hope you have as much fun enjoying results with this one as
I had creating it!


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