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Cocktail Piano Secrets 2!Cocktail piano concepts you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Dave, your coach Hi there! Cocktail piano continues to be a popular topic here at Piano Amore! The good news? Well, it happens to be a passion and forte of mine and I continue to "spill the beans" as I share more and more tips to add to your fun at those keys and get you to take your playing to greater and greater heights! All those emails... wow, THANK YOU. You know, right here and now, I'd like to share this: A huge part of the fun I have here (HUGE!) is developing the relationships with people just like yourself as I learn more and more what your musical goals are. I enjoy our communication, whether it be via my personal coaching program or simply receiving your correspondence via email, and what that does for me (truthfully) is it gives me the energy and inspiration to share more and more with fellow players like yourself.

Yes, I've let the cat out of the bag on some more fun stuff you're likely to use to take your playing to newer levels!
                                                                                                                                                                  Cocktail Piano Secrets

As you know, this series is dedicated to showing specific techniques and strategies that any aspiring cocktail pianist can utilize to really make those ivories sing. Again, we refer to this information as "secrets" because you one just can't seem to find this kind of material in your average, run-of-the-mill textbook (as far as I can see anyhow). For me, I know what it's like to feel especially excited to have someone share stuff that can make a real difference for me. I'm grateful for those moments, as I've had plenty of them... and it's a feeling that I want others to experience, too. So, it is my hope that my exposure to pro players who have been willing to share their secrets with me combined with my passion for learning and coaching others results in a positive experience for you each and every time you open yourself up to using my learning tools (Thank You for that!) Truly, I want you to believe in yourself more and more... because I believe in you!

Again, It's Not Just For Cocktail Piano

As I have mentioned before, the piano concepts you'll be exposed to in these video workshops are the kind that you'll be
able to transfer to many other areas of your playing as well. Whether you enjoy playing ballads, swing tunes, latin songs...
you name it... and whether you enjoy assuming the role of a soloist or accompanist, I feel that what you will be exposed
to via the tools available here at Piano Amore will serve you well. 

Cocktail Piano Secrets #2
Cocktail Piano Secrets

Okay, once again.. the wind up... the throw... don't let this one go by! Get ready to connect!
I want you to take your playing "outta the park!" So fix your eye on the pitch...


It's my belief that this session can enhance your experience with virtually any of the piano styling learning
tools available here at Piano Amore. If you've taken advantage of my Sneak Peeks series, you just may
feel inspired to spend even more time with them as a result of being exposed to this special session
which I've had an absolute ball creating for you. It's my desire to have you develop such a passion for
piano creativity that you just can't help but want to spend more and more time at that piano keyboard
or yours! Incidentally, when I think about the topic of musical creativity, I personally cannot help but
at least want you to know about my recent video session entitled Pro Piano Creativity: The Nitty Gritty
because it was designed to get anyone, whatever level he or she is at, to feel personally inspired
to get those creative juices flowing "on high speed." If you don't have that session, please consider it.
I am pretty sure you will enjoy your experience with it. I know I enjoyed creating it (I think that's pretty
evident, too, from the first time your eyes and ears become affixed to it : o )

A Couple Of Objectives For This Special Session

In this session, we will take a look at an effective strategy that you will be able to use when it comes to
creating your very own piano fills, introductions, and endings. Furthermore, what's especially important
to me when it comes to this session is that you not just accept what you see at face value here but use it as
a "springboard" from which you can take the content to many levels of your own. Remember, when it
comes to creating your own personal style, that's what it's all about... and this is a perfect tool for that.
The strategy is presented in an easy-to-understand simple fashion for the purposes of assimilation
and it is my desire that you embellish upon what you learn here to enhance your own playing.

Also, like many of the other sessions available here at Piano Amore, since the main strategy
is presented within the context of actual song excerpts, it is my hope that you'll enjoy
gaining some "peripheral" benefits as well, including other aspects of piano styling,
including voicings, etc. Please enjoy this, as I certainly have.

Special Note: Although this video session can certainly stand on its own, your
combined experience with this session and the other Cocktail Piano Secrets
sessions will "open the doors wide open" for you when it comes to
your personal piano styling development. ( At the present time,
those two sessions are available in our
Cocktail Piano 6-Pack )

Lots of piano playing goodies!
Start with one idea... keep crankin'... and you'll be in for more and more surprises!

What Will Help For This Session

A familiarity with basic 7th chords will make the content in this session easier to assimilate. But one of the
great things about this one is the more you are familiar with in terms of chords (or become familiar with in the future)...
 like 9ths, 11ths, etc., the more you can make this session work for you. There's no limit, in my opinion, as to what you
can do with it. If a familiarity with 7th chords is something you aspire to, let me say that this session will provide you
with the incentive to want to gain that familiarity!

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
    - Chinese Proverb

                                                                                         Cocktail Piano Secrets Revealed!


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