How To Play Standard Songs With Confidence
"How Do I Get My Songs To Flow?"

For those wanting a starting point for playing from those lead sheets, this is good news!
(Whether or not you're using written music, you'll benefit from this)

Hello and welcome! Dave here. I want to personally thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to share with me, via email, your goals and input. I truly value what you have to say. As you know, I take into consideration the feedback that I receive from you when creating my sessions because, after all, it's my objective to provide you with material that will help you with your aspirations.
This special session, which is over a half hour in duration, is no exception. I get so many email messages from people like yourself asking about this particular concern. When it comes to playing those favorite standard songs of yours, those of you who are experiencing challenges in the area of making that music of yours flow will very likely benefit from this session. You who you are, and you know what I'm referring to. You've played through that tune time and time again... yet, despite your time and effort invested, things don't seem to flow. There are parts of the song that feel rushed... in other segments, you're stumbling... the chords don't seem to fall under your fingertips... you make your way through the 32 measures and it just doesn't feel quite right. You're not feeling that certain sense of satisfaction that you're looking for.

Yes, I understand. I know what that's like. That's why I felt inspired to share a very valuable lesson that I learned that made all the difference when it came to making those songs sound like something people wanted to listen to. It doesn't take magic. It simply takes devoting attention to what's important. It's my hope and intention that this video session will provide the missing link for you when it comes to learning how to "sound pro."

Let me be right upfront with you. You won't find lots of "fancy dance" piano chord voicings or improvisational techniques in this one. There's lots of that available in our store and more on its way. But you can learn all the "tricks of the trade" you want to and, if your attention is not on what is essential to making that song "flow," then all of it simply won't cut it for you. I've personally had the experience of listening and watching some players who have had ample training with chords, voicings, improvisation, etc... and they really had a handle on all that. But when it came to making that song sound like something... well, it simply lacked substance. Yet, I've also heard players who have had very little training in those areas and still possess that certain "something" to put a song across in a fashion that makes musical sense.

Players of all levels can take advantage of this. If you know a few 7th chords - enough to get your through a few measures of a favorite standard song - you've got enough in your "toolbox" to take advantage of this one. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to be using the specific techniques that I'm using here. Adhere to the key principles and you'll still gain benefits. This session is easy to follow. I use a few measures of standard ballad to illustrate my points and proceed to a couple of others just to further emphasize the point that it's not what you play, but how you play it. Please pick a favorite song of yours now as you prepare to join me as we place our focus on what it takes to make those songs of yours sound professional even if you consider your personal technical skills to be at a minimum. I think you'll get something from this lesson that, again, made a world of difference for me personally...

Tri-tone substitution explored! |
(Video is approximately 37 minutes in duration)

As with most of our video sessions here ar Piano Amore, in addition to the
flash version, you will be provided with the .mp4 version as well so that
you can enjoy it on most devices, including your iPad.

Thank You once again... Let's have fun with this.
I look forward to seeing you at those keys!

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