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 Hi, Dave here...

If you are here reading this, chances are you are one of a select few individuals who are willing to take that extra step toward mastery in certain areas of your piano playing. Perhaps you are looking to gain more of an understanding of chords, voicings, fills, or piano creativity in general (actually, we cover more than this... keep reading). this particular service that I offer gets the least amount of exposure of any product you will find in our store. There's a good reason for that. KeyTalk is a service that I would not be able to provide everyone, the simple reason being that I cannot devote undivided attention to more than a few individuals per day.

KeyTalk is my personal "inner circle." It consists of individuals who communicate with me one-on-one on a variety of topics including reading, technique, piano chords, piano chord voicings, piano fills, improvisation, and more. As much as I would enjoy personally communicating with each and every one of my website visitors in-depth and regularly about their goals, that's just not feasible. For one reason, it's not for everybody... and for another, there are not enough hours in the day.

That is where this program comes in. It's only available to a select few and you know the service is available if you see
Availability is currently OPEN at the top of this page. When I cannot accept any other members, the service closes down. If you are here and are wondering if this is a service that you would benefit from, the answer is yes if you:
  • enjoy learning on your own with occasional input from others when you ask for it
  • enjoy corresponding via email and/Facebook messenger (either or both is fine)
  • have an internet connection to view explanations, graphics, and/or videos created and posted specifically for you (although much of this can be done via messaging as well and your preference comes into play here)

In short, you will benefit from this program if you find yourself occasionally in need of either that extra encouragement when it comes to having that piano chord voicing question answered, wanting a new improvisational idea to practice, or simply a perspective on practice habits. Topics can include becoming better at sight-reading, knowing more about basic or advanced chords, solutions with technique, and more. It's really not limited in that respect. I have been coaching people at the piano for over 40 years and have eagerly sought answers for them even when I didn't have them.

How does
KeyTalk work? It's very simple. You are provided with my personal inner circle email address. This email address is not shared with anyone other than those who take advantage of this service. It gets top priority attention. Nowhere else can anyone contact me about piano learning topics and get the level of attention that I am able to provide through this service limited to those in this inner circle of mine.

What can you expect? Well, one thing is certain. Your correspondence is given top attention so my communication to you is something that you can count on.

An example might be something like this: you are playing through a song like Misty by Erroll Garner and you're at the bridge of the song and you are wanting a suggestion as to how to voice those first few chords because you've done it the same way over and over and over again and you know it's time for a change. Another example might be that you've been caught up in learning a few measures of a classical piece you've been reading and you need another way of approaching it. It's possible that you are the parent of a piano student and are looking for a resource to assist you when it comes to helping your child develop a deeper appreciation for practicing.

Whether it's 3 in the morning or 10 at night, share your situation with me. You send me an email or text and I return the message, providing you with some commentary and, in some cases, a graphic or video illustrating how to accomplish what it is you're wanting to do. I don't place a limit on our correspondence. It's just that you would be expected to know that I do live away from my computer and phone a few hours per day and you may wait a few hours for a response. On days that I am conducting private piano lessons, the wait can be longer, perhaps even the next day. But I'll say this: people who know me and have corresponded with me know that I do not take good communication lightly. It's always my aim to provide quality. If I am not able to respond for any prolonged periods of time, you would immediately know because, as part of my inner circle, you would receive a top priority notification. 

Although not necessary, perhaps you've invested in one of my learning programs and would like to obtain more value from it by corresponding with me. This is a perfect opportunity to do just that. For example, if you are a ProProach member and would like to discuss a particular piano chord voicing that was explained or a concept that you would like to explore deeper then this program is absolutely for you.

Are you obligated to continue each and every month once you begin? Of course not. You can try this for a month and stop if you feel it's not for you. I will not try to oversell this service to you. I treat what I do with passion and I approach my communication with each and every one of my members with respect and appreciation. My style is my style. You get the real me who cares about your success. It's important that I provide something of value to you. If I don't have what you need, there is no reason to deny that. I simply accept it. Now, if you're looking for a motivated fellow musician/coach whom you can count on to help you believe in yourself when your progress seems to be a little stagnant, you've probably got the right guy here : )

  • Totally customized training with YOU and YOUR goals in mind!
  • Reliable communication with your personal coach!
  • Send your questions and concerns whenever you like!
  • Easy-to-understand explanations and graphics designed just for you!
  • It's like having your own private teacher "on call!"
  • Have access to your personal coach (me) at the click of your mouse!
  • Send/respond to messages at your convenience... whether it's 1 pm or 3 am!
  • Great for people who don't have time for private lessons!
  • A terrific supplement if you are already engaged with private lessons!
  • Teachers use this service to gain insights when dealing with students!
  • Parents use this service for help in supporting and motivating children!
  • Beginners - get the kind of direction you need!
  • Advanced players - use the perspective of a professional to your advantage!
  • Improvisors - put yourself in touch with effective strategies!
  • Jazz players - learn chord voicings and apply them in your tunes!
  • All in the privacy of your own home!
  • Nothing comes close to the quality of this unique program!
Coach Me!

How do you begin? Simply provide your authorization by signing up below. Within a few hours, you will hear directly from me. Nothing is automated here. I will provide you with my inner circle email address and messenger account and I will accept emails and texts from you personally from the email address and/or Facebook account that you provide when you enroll. If you have not provided one, contact me at info @ right after enrolling and include "KeyTalk Member" in the subject area of your email to me. I will be happy to welcome you and take care of the matter for you. I'm here for you.

By the way, this service is not a forum for which you are given a link to so that you and a bunch of online people can chat about piano. No forum here. It's you and me. Feel free to send me that question even if it's 3 in the morning. Will I respond at that time? No guarantees, but you never know!

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