Pro Piano Chord Bytes: Secrets To Creating Chord Voicing Magic

A terrific cocktail pianist's companion!

Jazz piano chords and voicings made easy. Likely the only book of its kind that not only illustrates great sounding chord voicings that you can play instantly but also shares insightful secrets you'll want to have access to when it comes to creating your very own terrific chord sounds. If you enjoy playing standard tunes on the piano and have always wanted to know how to spice up those chords in a way that turns heads, then this collection of workshops is for you. Familiarity with your basic 7th chords is all you need in order to take your playing to greater heights.

Typically, here's how this works: for each workshop, we consider a classic standard tune (like Erroll Garner's Misty) and take a look at an excerpt of just one measure of the song (often the first measure of the well known chorus). Looking at the melody and the chord symbol (such as an Ebmaj7 chord), we illustrate an alternate way to play that chord with a tasteful jazz piano chord voicing that a professional piano stylist might use. From this point, you are encouraged to find places in other songs where you can use the same voicing. In addition - and this is really where this book will help you make a difference - further commentary and suggestions are made so that you begin to actually think like a creative piano stylist. That's right, you will be creating your very own tasty chord voicings that you can use in those favorite songs of yours.

Rather than a book intended to be read in an armchair, this is a tool that you will want to use a little at a time. As you master these little "bytes" one after another and learn to use them as a springboard for your own piano chord voicing creativity, you will discover a brand of confidence in your own personal ability that you may not have otherwise thought possible. You will also come to the realization that the more you learn, the more there is to learn. Taking yourself through each of these workshops again and again will prove to lead to more and more musical insights! Truly a unique collection you will refer to often.

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