Tri-tone Chord Substitution Explained

In this video workshop, we take a look at the basic concepts of
tri-tone substitution and their application. Please have fun with this!
Once you learn about it, you'll keep it at the very top of that
piano playing toolbox of yours! If you want to spice up your tunes
like never before, familiarization with tri-tone substitution is a must...

You can benefit from this video if you have a basic familiarity
with dominant 7th chords like:

C7 = C E G Bb
G7 = G B D F
F7 = F A C Eb

Tri-Tone Substitution reduced to basics so anyone can understand

What is tri-tone substitution?
Why do I want to know it?
When do I use it?
What are some examples of how it can enhance my playing?

These questions are acknowledged in this very special session
that will equip you to use this strategy of the pros anytime you want to...

A few short excerpts:

(Actual video session is approximately 30 minutes in duration)

Click here for some short excerpts


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