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Pianist Dave Longo

Let Your “Voic”ing Be Heard

Hello and welcome, friend…

ProProach is an online program that resulted from a 6-month effort to create something unique for aspiring creative pianists. My incentive for creating it can be rather simply stated: I wanted to share my passion for the art of playing piano chord voicings with fellow pianists who are looking for an easy way to understand both the mind set of pro piano stylists (often jazz players) and how they actually incorporate their knowledge of jazz piano chord voicings into standard songs.

This Is For You If…

Who is likely to appreciate this program and gain benefit from it? The program is for you and will do a world of good for you if:

1) you are already familiar with playing some favorite standard songs on the piano

2) you know how to play these songs using basic 7th chords on the piano

3) you would love to learn how to spice these tunes up as you take those 7th chords and turn them into “pro chords” you’ve heard the pros play but were never quite able to figure out how they do it. Piano chord voicings are where it’s at, and you’re about to get a handle on them.

If these all ring true for you, I can totally relate to where you are coming from. You see, this described me exactly. I played many of those standard tunes like Erroll Garner’s Misty, Harold Arlen’s & Yip Harburg’s Over The Rainbow, Duke Ellington’s Take The A Train, and so many more for years and years, getting by with them but never quite being able to putting them across with the kind of harmonic flair I heard coming from so many of the great players.

I was fortunate to be able to experience a turnaround in my understanding of piano chord voicings by connecting with the kind of people who could really help… and, of course, listening to lots of recordings.

My First Discovery Of Piano Chord Voicings

I didn’t even know what a chord voicing was until my saxophone teacher gave me a wake up call during one of my lessons. He would accompany me by playing piano as I was trying to improvise on my tenor. Being a pianist myself, my attention was always on what he was playing.

At the time, I thought I knew everything there was to know about chords but this guy was playing stuff that mesmerized me. So, during a playing break, I asked him, “What are those chords you’re playing?”

He replied, “Voicings.”

That was it. It was not only the first time I heard the word but it was the door that opened to a whole new world of curiosity and investigation that has since never stopped. Suddenly, I realized that what I knew about playing chords on the piano was small in comparison to what I needed to know. This all seemed like magic to me and I had to know how to create some of this magic, too. So, I ventured on as I did what was necessary to learn what I could. Since then, it’s been a journey that’s been rewarding to say the least.

We Are One

So, friend, I soon realized that lots of pianists have been in the same boat as me. They are intrigued by those pro sounds they hear without knowing how to create them on their own. Usually, these individuals are not in a position where they are willing to take months or years of lessons. Lots of them are not pro players but, rather, hobbyists who just want to have fun realizing their piano playing potential while entertaining themselves as well as friends.

Will You Let Me Help?

My enthusiasm for this wonderful art form led me to creating ProProach which is essentially A Pro’s Approach To Playing Piano Chords. Since it’s creation, it has assisted pros including cocktail players as well as “living room” pianists who don’t necessary play professionally but aspire to explore their potential for piano creativity for fun. I consider it a personal privilege to have been instrumental in helping them.

I would love to help you, too.

Instant Online Access Right Now

ProProach lessons include videos and graphicsProProach is a program that you can access instantly. You will receive all 25 lessons upon your purchase. Each lesson includes a comprehensive explanation of a new piano chord strategy along with a video demonstrating the technique(s) described. There are lots and lots of graphics throughout the program as well.

Feel free to enjoy this excerpt from ProProach:

Special Ingredient

I feel that’s it is relevant to share something. Even though I was always curious about what the particular chord structures a pro happened to be playing, I was always aware of the fact that the way a pro player thinks is what leads him or her to making the choices they do. So, I figured that only if I could get into how they think, my own personal choices would be more profound. To me, this makes all the difference. That is why you’ll get a lot of that from me thoughout this program. Truly, it is my objective to have you thinking like a pro rather than simply imitating one.

How I Want To Make This Better For You

Once you proceed with accessing ProProach, I would like to invite you to get in touch with me via email using the form on this site. I absolutely understand that each and every person who exposes himself or herself to these lessons is coming from a different playing background and their incentives for learning can vary. Therefore, if I can help to personalize this experience for you by giving you some direction, I would love to help. I don’t want you thinking that, once you make your purchase, you will be left in the dust without anywhere to turn. Indeed, I want to provide you with value.

Suggestion For Proceeding

By the way, you might be wondering if you should follow these lessons in order. My suggestion is that you do so for the first time. There are times when one lesson serves as continuation of a previous one. After that, you can have fun enjoying these lessons as you please.

I do want to emphasize that I have had confirmation from previous members that following through with these lessons more than once has led to richer rewards. Your repeated exposure to these lessons will lead you to more and more insights as you proceed.

Hey, It’s You And Me Now!

So, will you give me a chance to help you? Can we be a team? The program is intended to stand on its own. That said, as I mentioned, if I can serve as some inspiration to you, I welcome your communication. You see, I wouldn’t want a simple question you might be pondering left unanswered, especially if it was to get in the way of your gaining the maximum benefits from your involvement with these lessons.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What do you say to this: access the program, have fun with it for a few weeks, email me with questions, prove to yourself that ProProach can be a rewarding experience for you… if you’re not happy, just let me know and I will refund your purchase price within the first 30 days. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Let The Curtain Open…

My door is open to you, friend. Email me anytime and let me know how things are going as you begin your journey with ProProach. I hope you experience at least a fraction of the fun I had while creating it.

In an effort to make this  more easily accessible, we are temporarily making this entire piano chord voicings program, including the 25 lessons, available to you for just $67. That’s nearly 50% OFF its regular price of $119. My pleasure increases greatly when more and more people are able to enjoy the benefits that this program offers.

Thanks for being here. Please click here to gain access…

I appreciate you and look forward to our communication, friend.





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