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It's at the end of a 4 hour gig, about 12:30am, an hour before the place
completely closes for the night as the bartender serves last round.
You walk over to me, force a hundred-dollar bill in my pocket and say,
'Give me some of your time and explain a bunch of what you just did
in easy-to-understand terms so I can go home and use it.' This is
pretty much how I  imagine that session would go. Okay,
it's last call, so go grab that last beverage for the night
and let's have fun at those keys! - Dave
 Dave, your coachHello! Dave here again. Chances are, you've experienced
Sneak Peeks #1, #2, or both (if not, check them out!) and have learned
that these special informal sessions really can make a difference
when it comes to enhancing your own personal piano playing creativity.

Let me ask you:

What would it be like if you were able to predictably turn regular, everyday "hum-drum"
practice sessions into explosive, creativity-generating power episodes that will have
amazing results seeping out of the cracks of those keys each and every time you decide to
sit down and relax at those keys with a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage for
even just a few minutes?

(By the way, if you find it difficult to make time to practice,
I understand, and I think you'll find this manuscript helpful)

In Sneak Peek #3, we are going to further explore how this concept that I like to
refer to as looping can make an absolutely positive difference when it comes to how much
"magic" you can extract out of those sessions of yours. By the way, this might be a worthwhile
point to bring up: if you're anything like me, you may decide to just sit at that piano or keyboard
of yours for 4 or 5 minutes as you were strolling from one room to another in the house. During
those times, your mind set is probably not in "high gear" when it comes to what you expect
to gain from such short sessions. Well, perish the thought. This is a way to get the MAXIMUM
benefit from short sessions like those. So, yes, instead of being hard on yourself for not
"giving it everything you got," consider viewing those short sessions as some of the best
moments you'll find yourself spending at those keys... really!

By focusing on just a few measures of song, and giving yourself permission to allow
the ideas flow, you'll amaze yourself with how much you can accomplish. Do you remember
when you were a child and were taught that holding a magnifying glass over a piece of paper
at just the right angle under the sun would result in that small dot of concentrated heat
burning a hole right through the paper?

The key is concentration of energy.
It's powerful...
and it works!

And as I've explained before:

If you want to speak in a language freely and fluently,
you must practice using elements of that language
over and over in different contexts.

Now, you take that concentration of energy and direct
it within the context four measures of a song, approaching it
from many different angles while maintaing a
"no holds barred" attitude, and...

The result?

You'll see.

That's what Sneak Peeks is about - providing you with enough "food for thought"
and actual examples so that you can make this approach a routine that
will never feel like a routine. Why? Because each time, it's fresh.

In this session, we take four measures of the classic standard song
The Song Is You (by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II) and spend about almost
an hour treating ourselves to a "buffet of buffets" when it comes to filling up our plate with
"a little of this... a little of that... and a little of this..." so when it comes time to making
 your own songs ooooooze with flavor, your confidence level is at an all-time high.
Seriously, if piano styling is your aspiration, this
Sneak Peeks series has been
placed on your menu for a reason. Your continued exposure to and
application of the concepts in each of these videos will enhance
your piano playing experience for good...

Ready? Let's get started with this session that I had tons of fun with...

Sneak Peek #3


 Over one hour in duration!
50 minute Video
Session takes place within the context of the first four measures of standard song
The Song Is You by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II


Enhance your creativity at those keys!
"Artistry reduced to basics"

FANTASTIC for those who aspire to enhance those cocktail piano skills or improvisational creativity!

The four measures being referred to in this session are:

The Song Is You first four measures

While enjoying this video, as you discover one "goodie" after another,
you'll want to hit that pause button often and running those keys to
make these ideas happen for yourself before your very eyes!
And that will be super-easy to do...

Audio Animation Video makes learning EASY!

How valuable would it be to "peek over the shoulder" of a pro piano stylist for ?
Would you gain benefit from this?

This video presentation will serve as a feast for intermediate and advanced players.
Beginners who aspire to enhance their piano creativity will look to this one for inspiration.
There are enough tasty treats shared throughout this hour session for anyone to
benefit from. Surely, this one can help get you to that next level.

I've spilled the beans on this one!

Tasty Piano Styling Ideas!
Professional Piano Styling Insights
Enhance Your Cocktail Piano Skills


Some of what you will learn in this video:

Establishing Target Tones To Make Your Improvised Lines Mean More
Using Arpeggios To Gain More Confidence
Using Chromaticism To Boost Your Creativity
Extracting More Value From Sessions With "Looping"
Allowing Your Own Personal Creativity To Flow On The Keys
Having Fun With Patterns While Improvising

Playing With A Few "Must Know" Voicings For Any Piano Stylist

Like a "grab bag" of improvisational goodies

Lots of reason to use that "pause & rewind" on this one!

"I tried to fill the jar with this one
and sincerely hope you have fun with it :)"
- Dave


Truly a super learning tool you'll be able to grow with!


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