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Cocktail piano tips and more! | Sneak Peeks
Dave's Personal Homespun Series
                                                                                                                                                                           Piano playing concepts you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Dave, your coach Hello! Dave here. Are you looking for an easy way to "get your feet wet" with playing
cocktail piano? Are you able to play some 7th chords? Would you like a nice foundation upon
which to build more lush sounding 9th, 11th, and 13th chords? Or do you have some playing
experience and realize the value in getting back to basics? If so, you want this.

Complete Easy Formula Revealed In Less Than 15 Minutes

Here is what I had in mind in this edition of 
Sneak Peeks...
I wanted to provide a simple concept... a "minimalist's way" of approaching those 7th chords
in a way that automatically prepares you for more when you want those more rich & spicy sounds.
If I could simply get the point across to you within a short amount of time, have you go to your
piano or keyboard and start applying it right away, then the benefits could start being
enjoyed right away. Sprinkled throughout the presentation are some additional
flavorful chord voicings that you'll want to incorporate into your own playing as well.

So Simple It Escapes Many

I really wanted to get across this idea of simplicity. You see, it's quite normal to
want to learn all the "fancy" chords, etc., but let's face it: when it comes to
making music, it's more about balance. So, in this brief yet important
session, you are served with a key that will open your first doors
to sounding "pro" while playing those favorite standards of
yours as well as tossed a few extra appetizers on the side
for your own personal contemplation and addition
to that piano playing "toolbox" of yours.

Sneak Peek #4
"Simplify, simplify." - Henry David Thoreau

It's back to basics with a little "salt 'n pepper" added for flavor!

The value of recognizing diatonic chords
Demonstrating how less really can be more
Approaching your music like an artist
Establishing an easy guideline to work from
"Paint" with a nice mix of thin and thicker textured voicings
7th chords, 9th chords, 11th chords

Session takes place within the context of the first four measures of standard song
The Way You Look Tonight by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields.


Enhance your creativity at those keys!
"Artistry reduced to basics"

Super for those who aspire to begin playing cocktail piano or
those who already do and want to get back to basics

The four measures being referred to in this session are:

The Way You Look Tonight first four measures
If you have some familiarity with playing 7th chords in basic position and want to
free yourself from the limitiations of these structures, then consider this one!

Establish a foundation from which to further build complete
professional sounding arrangements that will impress anyone

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