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Piano Amore

Over A Half Hour of Cocktail Piano Fun ~ Piano Chord Voicings, Styling, and More!
Have fun with these few measures and make it a point of transferring what you
learn to your favorite songs and watch your personal piano style mature!

Welcome to Sneak Peeks!
Dave's Personal Homespun Series
                                                                                                                                                                     Piano playing concepts you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Dave, your coach Where Is Love? (from Oliver!) by Lionel Bart sets the stage for a chock full of fun that I'm
pretty sure will give you the "player's edge." We have a ball with those first four measures of that
classic song which I chose for more than just a reason or two and, once you
become involved, you'll discover why for yourself...

It's likely that, by now, you're familiar with how things work with Sneak Peeks and you've become "in tune"
with the value of isolating a small segment of a song and exploring what is indeed possible within that framework.
Well, this session is no exception except I'm thinking you'll view this one as rather special in some respects.
The chord progression we are dealing with is a pretty simple one and that's more reason why what we
do in this video session will be most conducive to your further developing your personal piano style. Indeed,
what you learn in this session will certainly be valuable "food for thought" that you can carry forward in to
your other favorite tunes. This is one you'll want to play back over and over again.

It is my personal conviction that, if you expose yourself to this session over and over again
and implement the concepts, your playing won't be the same!

I don't know it that's a bold statement to your eyes or not but I have ultimate confidence that if you do, in fact,
use what we have here, chances for your personal style becoming something even more to talk about will be
increased tremendously. I feel good about this one and I also feel great about the fact that you're about to
expand your thinking when it comes to piano styling in general!

Some of the things we have fun with:

 * Varying the way we play those II - V chord progressions to keep the listeners "on their toes"

* Using Tri-Tone chord substitution as a nice element of surprise

* Using "Diatonicism" in a fashion that can turn the heads of those in the room

* Lots of ways to voice those chords to add variety that spells professionalism

 * Add more impact to your chord progressions by extending them with "color chords"

* Using the art of contrast in a way that makes your listeners know there's a pro in the house

* Making great use of that "Sus" chord:
- use them for luscious piano fills
- let them serve as chord substitutions


I made efforts to "cram" some extra "candy" into this one!

In addition, the "peripheral" benefits gained from this can be pretty spectacular. I mean, even those things
I'm not even talking about while you're listening and watching will give you "food for thought".
You're sure to pick up on some extra goodies as you pay attention!









Enhance your creativity at those keys!
"Artistry reduced to basics"

Super for those who aspire to develop their own personal cocktail piano style
or who want to spark their own creativity at those keys!

The four measures being referred to in this session are:


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Please enjoy!

(Video is approximately 35 minutes in duration)



"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
    - Chinese Proverb
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