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Welcome to Sneak Peeks 8!

Have fun with this video session and make it a point of transferring what you learn to
your favorite tunes as you watch your harmonic creative potential grow and mature!

Dave's Personal Homespun Series
Dave, your coach Hello and Thank You! The generous input I have received regarding our Sneak Peeks sessions from people like yourself has inspired me to say the least! Here we continue our ventures with a special session that I am so happy to  be able to present to you. Sneak Peeks #8 is devoted to providing you with some creative insight in the area of chords, voicings, and more!

I like to view the piano keyboard as a "harmonic palette" just waiting to have its colors experimented with and enjoyed. As a child, if you ever had the pleasure of indulging in a set of fingerpaints and enjoying the feeling of using your fingers in a fashion that knew no limits, you have an idea of where I am coming from. Those ivories are inviting you to have a ball when it comes to "tickling" your way to your personal harmonic creativity!

To help you along with realizing some of that creative harmonic potential (that does in fact exist within you), I am presenting you with this "over the shoulder" session that I know can make a genuine positive difference for you. I would like to start by saying that you can benefit from this session regardless of what you consider your current playing level to be as long as, to some degree, you are already having some fun with playing some of your favorite melodies and complimenting them with some 7th chords. In other words, you're at a point where your playing some tunes and you know, for example, what a G7 is... an Fmaj7.... a Dmin7... an Amin7... you get the idea. More specifically, if what you see in this example makes some sense to you, you're good to go! (If a couple of those chords look a bit strange, we'll get into a bit of an explanation in this session) You see, the excerpt of Rogers and Hart's You Are Too Beautiful that you see below is what we will be using for this session that, I hope, will serve as an eye-opener (and ear-opener) for you!


If you already enjoy playing some ballads and have a handle on the chords of those tunes, you'll want to start putting what we talk about cover in this video to work for you. If you're at the beginning stages of learning your 7th chords, I hope that this session may serve as an inspiration to you as we explore some interesting ways you'll soon be using those chords!

In addition, we'll see how there really is something to be said for simplicity as it applies to improvisation. You've heard the expression, "little things mean a lot," haven't you? Well, we place some focus on this.


As you "look over my shoulder" in this special session, you'll be on your way to experiencing some
musical freedom you otherwise might not have before as we:

Give that left hand some "freedom of choice" when it comes to accompanying that melody

Assign a more proactive role to that right hand when it comes to enhancing your accompanying style,

Allow yourself to make "random" choices when it comes to spicing up those ballads

Place some attention on those colorful altered tones

Develop an appreciation for being able to "mix it up" when it comes to that left hand approach

Make simple improvisational motifs mean something to your listener

Enhance your desire to inject some tension in those chords to add "juice"

Allow yourself to make your own choices regarding doubling chord tones

...and more!

You'll want to play this video session over and over again to take advantage of so many subtle ideas that you can incorporate into your own playing as you develop your own personal playing style!

What is my chief aim for you when it comes to this video session? To stimulate your creative juices
when it comes to utilizing those chords you already know, resulting in your enjoying a more
confident command at those keys while having fun with your favorite ballads. Also, having you play
simple improvisational ideas using "common tones" with confidence is given some attention here.
We even take a look at a neat little chord substitution maneuver that adds more of a dramatic effect
to those ballads.Of course, as with learning just about anything, application of these concepts can be
used to effectively enhance your playing, whatever the style happens to be.

This session, which you will be able to view online or download as an .mp4 file (for iPads, etc), is
approximately 41 minutes in duration and I really, truly hope you enjoy it and that it serves as a
buffet of ideas that you'll have fun with and will have a positive difference for you while you spend
quality time at that piano or keyboard of yours!









Enhance your creativity at those keys!
"Artistry reduced to basics"

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