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A Piano Pro Lets You In On 10 Pro Piano "Trade Secrets"
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Dave Hi, I'm Dave Longo...

As a fellow piano enthusiast, I have great admiration and respect for you because I know where you are coming from... we've all been there. It's often not hard to find teachers. Actually, in the area I was brought up, they are a "dime a dozen." But, unfortunately the majority of them fall in a category of "traditional teachers."Of course, they have their place. But I think you know what I mean... go ahead and try to get them to share with you ideas of a contemporary nature, and they just can't do it. Why? Because most of them don't know how! (And, unfortunately, a few of the others aren't willing to share what they know - or don't have a "knack" for teaching it)
"I Was Lucky"

Thankfully, I was  lucky enough to to find a "select few" ... you see, each and every teacher I ever had  (after research and finding them) knew what I was after from a very young age... they understood that a good foundation of chord knowledge was necessary if one is to be able to express himself or herself creatively on the piano. Chords, chords, chords... it's what I have been exposed to ever since I can remember. To give you a little background on myself, you might want to take a look at my report explaining what led to my creation of ProProach... then you'll know where I'm coming from with all this...

Well, each and every teacher I was ever exposed to had something to offer me, and I am grateful for that. What one could help me with, another could not... and vice versa, of course. I consider my past experience with piano teachers something pretty rare and a history to be appreciated.
"Learn To Learn Independently"

Throughout my learning process (which never stops, by the way), my creativity was nurtured by these teachers... to the point where I developed the skills and confidence to find what I was looking for, even when it was not immediately presented to me by one of my mentors.  This is actually a foundational principle of ProProach... to get the individual to think for himself or herself - as a pro piano stylist would do.
"Something I Know About You"

I'll tell you what I do know about you already, without even knowing you personally:

You have what it takes to get where you want to go with all this. Do you know how I know this? Well, it's pretty simple if you stop and think about it... you have arrived this far in this message, which means you have taken it upon yourself - you have taken the initiative - to seek out what you want to know... this is a first and foremost trait of any successful pro! You don't wait for someone to eventually come your way and tell you what you might want to hear... you actively have the "search lights" on for what will get you from here to there on your own!
"Grab What You Can"

I think you will agree, as an aspiring and growing piano stylist (regardless of your age), that it's important to you get your hands on any kind of learning information you can. You never know when you will find that "nugget" or two that will really provide that little something you need to boost your confidence or give you that special bit of insight you've been wating for...

Trust me, I know what it's like to be in search of them... and you never know when you're going to be lucky enough to discover such treasures... well, I've collected a few of them and thought I would produce something that might help save you a little bit of time...
"A Little Manuscript You'll Want To Have"

I have put together a little something... a small collection of some of those "nuggets" that every aspiring piano stylist should know...

Why have I done this? Because I want you to have something that will not only put you in touch with a few of those "jewels" I picked up throughout the years, but will provide you with the incentive to want to learn more...

You  see, you won't find every single chord secret that you'll ever want to know within this collection... that is not its intent. Its purpose is to satisfy a little of that "hunger" you might have and to "spark" your enthusiasm for wanting to move ahead... after all, isn't that what a coach is for? Well, as your coach, I'd like you to have this little gem.

Within this little manuscript, you will find 10 of those little "pearls" that I was super thankful to discover. You know what I mean... upon finding that first glimpse of something new and useful, when you catch yourself experiencing one of those "ahaa!" moments? Right... that's what you have here...

A few things revealed here:
  • the infamous "So What" voicing (you have to know this one if you don't already)
  • a "jazzy" little piano lick you hear all the time (as a pianist, you're expected to know it)
  • the magic of "open voicings" 
You'll get 10 altogether... again, enough to "quench your thirst" and increase your desire to go further (of course, ProProach is always an option in this case)
"Own It Now, While..."

When I came up with this little collection, I wanted it to be easly accessible... I've condensed it all into an eBook format... and I wanted it to be super affordable for anyone interested. With that said, here's the cost right now: $7
Order Here

Your read right: $7 for this little manuscript that just might be the "kicker" you've been looking for. While I can still offer it at this price, grab it! It's certainly one you'll want to print and put on your piano stand. Of the 10 little "nuggets" (or "modules" as I refer to them in the eBook) even if you grab one that you can enthusiastically add to your "chord repertoire" you will have gotten your money's worth and I will have served my purpose with this.
"Stay Hungry For Information"

I would like to thank you for your time. Please always go after what you are looking for with enthusiasm in your personal musical adventure, and I hope that what you seeks also  seeks you!

To your musical success,

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