Jazz Piano Chord Voicings: An Exciting Journey

You’re in for some “Aha!” moments…

Learn How To Play Piano Chords Like The Pros!

Explore jazz piano chord voicings and how to use them in your very own playing!
People of ALL ages 18-88 are enjoying the 
exciting benefits this popular piano chord program
has to offer. You don’t need to BE a pro in order to SOUND like one!


This is the program that places professional
piano chord voicing techniques within easy
grasp of even the beginning level player!


A brief introduction:
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This program puts those great sounding
jazz piano chord voicings at your fingertips…

  • Explore jazz piano chord voicings from many different angles
  • No longer feel limited by the chords you are playing
  • When a pro looks at those chord symbols, he/she sees something different than you… you’re going to see it, too
  • Add interest to your cocktail piano playing that will turn people’s heads
  • Know what it feels like to create confidently
  • You’re going to love how you will sound in just a few weeks

When it comes to chord mastery, you’re not getting the big picture unless you have a familiarity with jazz piano chord voicings and know how to use them. This program will help with the use of explanations, graphics, and videos, along with the level of encouragement and inspiration that you are in for make it impossible to fail… you can only succeed! You will learn more than just a bunch of piano voicings. You’ll learn to approach them from a pro’s perspective. Once you adopt the way of thinking promoted in ProProach, you’ll be ready to view any other learning tools that you may encounter in the future from a higher perspective, with greater insight, and unmatched enthusiasm.

By the way, you don’t have to be a jazz player (or even aspire to be one) to take advantage of this. When it comes to piano styling, having a handle on jazz piano chord voicings gives you more choices and absolutely adds dimension to your playing. Are you a cocktail pianist? Consider using this program to take your chord playing to more interesting levels. Do you play at home for your own personal enjoyment? You’ll love discovering so many of these chord voicing strategies you hear the pros play time and time again.

Your success is certain!

 ProProach Piano Chords Program  9th, 11th, 13th piano voicings and more!
ProProach Piano Chords Program  The motivation and encouragement you need!
ProProach Piano Chords Program  Learn to THINK like a pro thinks!

ProProach Piano Chords Program  Step-by-step instruction supported with graphics and videos!
ProProach Piano Chords Program  25 weeks of exposure to eye-opening andear-opening insights! 

This jazz pano chord voicing program consists of 25 lessons altogether.

Lesson #1 – Free!
This first lesson opens your mind to the concept of “opening up” those chords. The lesson and video demonstration focus on a very special piano chord voicing used by the pros a lot! It’s a super cocktail piano voicing that every pianist should know, though its use is certainly not limited to this style. Enjoy this lesson, which is offered to you completely FREE, as it sets the pace for what is to follow in subsequent lessons of ProProach

Lesson #2 – A Significant Next Step!
“Easy does it here” as this lesson expands a bit on Lesson #1 and actually puts what you’ve learned in the context of a chord progression. This easy-to-play jazz piano chord voicing is one that you will want to apply to every 7th chord that you know. You are encouraged to take each of these weekly lessons to higher levels by transposing the ideas to other keys, etc., all at your own pace, of course. Focusing on one lesson per week at a time, you are actually incorporating these ideas into your playing, which is conducive to creating your own personal style over time…
Lesson #3 – Less Is More!
By this time, you have probably latched on to the fact that you’ve gotten involved with something unique here with ProProach. More importantly, you are likely starting to open your mind to a whole new way of thinking about chords. A concept that the pros realize and take advantage of is “less is more” and you are beginning to see the truth and practicality of this perspective as it applies to jazz piano chord voicings and more. Like all the lessons in ProProach, this lesson’s value goes beyond what presently meets the eye and is one that you will want to return to again and again…
Lesson #4 – Most Popular Chord Progression!
In this lesson, not only do we get introduced to the most popular chord progression in jazz/pop music, but we expand on what we covered in the first couple of lessons by using our skills to play this progression in a way that a professional piano stylist would. These lessons work so well together and, the more you have fun with them, the better they get (and you, too!). You will use what you learn here time and time again! The doors are opening and the wheels are turning!
Lesson #5 – Stocks You Just Gotta Play!
We’re not letting go of that valuable information we used in Lesson #4 as we take that chord progression and actually discuss a few “stock voicings” that piano greats like Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and so many others have always kept close by on the shelf for immediate availability. It’s likely that, by this time, you are “starting to see the light” when it comes to realizing what playing chords from a pro player’s point of view really means… and all presented in a manner that anyone can understand (no “fancy fluff!” or intimidating terminology). But we’ve only touched the surface, since 20 more weeks of insight await as we continue this exciting journey together…


ProProach jazz piano chord voicings program
…play like you never did before!

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