Instant Online Access To Your New Way Of Looking At Piano Chords

Thank you for your interest in ProProach! I created this program with the goal of putting professional sounding chord techniques in the hands of people of all levels. This learning system is easy to understand. You’ll find the lessons fun and easy to apply to your very own playing (your playing won’t be the same once you get rolling with this).

This is not a collection of chord charts or diagrams that show you how to finger chord structures and leave the rest up to you. This is very different. Each lesson focuses on one specific chord voicing or pro styling technique. For each, you’ll be provided a textual explanation along with a video of the concept being demonstrated. There are lots of easy-to-comprehend graphics throughout the entire program, too.

You are about to gain instant access to 25 lessons. You’ll have fun enhancing your playing style for a long time to come. You can refer to these lessons again and again. People report more and more insights after taking themselves through the lessons many times.

The Key Difference

You learn more than how to play special chord sounds. The #1 feature for which people have repeatedly provided positive feedback is the fact that ProProach places a heavy emphasis on how to incorporate these techniques and strategies into your favorite tunes. A number of well known standard song excerpts are used to demonstrate the implementation of these pro concepts. You see, it’s my intention to show you how a pro really thinks when playing standard tunes. Friend, your playing is about to change.

Let me say that I consider it a privilege that you’ve considered getting started with ProProach. I have decided to include a very special bonus at this time if you decide to proceed today. You can read about that here. It’s a one-hour video session that will serve as a perfect compliment to your ProProach experience. People have experienced super results by repeatedly exposing themselves to it. If you act today, you won’t have to do anything additional to receive that bonus. You will receive it automatically during this limited time offer.

I look forward to hearing about your progress as you continue this journey. I love maintaining contact with my members!