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Play Piano By Ear
We've bundled 5 of our most popular programs in one attractive package
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[No Reading Of Music Notation Necessary]
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What is the basic, underlying principle for playing piano by ear? Any idea? The first answer most people will respond with might go something like this: "Playing by ear means being able to play music without having to read music."

In a sense that is true since, if you are playing by ear, you don't need music in front of you. But there's actually something more basic we're getting at here. Ready? Playing music by ear is equivalent to being able to duplicate on your instrument sounds that you hear. That may not be surprising to you. But wait, there's something essential that we need to sink our teeth into here...

What does the process of playing by ear actually involve before you duplicate that music on your instrument?

Here it is: playing by ear involves having already recognized the relationship between sound you are hearing and how that sound is achieved. In other words, if you were to hear a C Major chord being played and you went to your piano or keyboard and instantly punched out a C Major chord, a picture of that chord was formed in your mind upon hearing it. That picture was formed
because you already played that sound in the past and now have a point of reference to produce that sound any time you like.

It's all about making sound distinctions. If you hear a certain sound and your mind forms a picture of how that sound is duplicated on your instrument, that means you have already produced that sound at least at one time or another.

So, how do you get better and better at playing piano by ear? You learn how more and more of those sounds are created in advance. If you learn all your triads (three-note chords) and listen as you play, when you hear them, you'll recognize them. It's really that simple. The same is true for 7th chords.The same is absolutely true for improvising... learn to produce musical ideas... when you hear them, you recognize them. It's all about the relationship between what you are hearing and what you already know. Soooo.... the more sounds you give yourself the opportunity to produce, the better equipped/prepared you are to play music by ear. It's really a basic principle... and it's one you can start putting to work for yourself right away...

Learn your chords.. those triads... those 7ths... play around with your own improvisations... allow yourself to really get in touch with creating some sounds at that piano or keyboard of yours. The more you have fun applying yourself to the concept, the more satisfying your rewards will be. Notice that I said "the more you have FUN" doing all this. Yes, that's significant. You never want to straing the ears. Remember, we don't call it "Ear Straining... we call it Ear Training! The idea is to have fun throughout the entire process. That's why all the tools you'll find at Piano Amore are created with that in mind.

Special Offer Today!

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Today, you are being introduced to an exceptional opportunity to take advantage of some great tools that will put you in touch
with producing lots and lots of great sounds to help you developthose ears so that you will eventually be equipped to impress
the daylights of yourself. We have compiled a special collection of materials from our store that are all aimed at helping you along
this journey. What's more is this: your time and effort can be devoted to having fun learning and producing these sounds without the task of having to read any music whatsoever. That's right... this is about getting those ears to open up and thrive!

Okay, here it is all spelled out for you:

This special package consists of FIVE (5) of the most popular piano learning tools that we have to offer. If you are a beginner, you'll love this. Even if you are a great reader but this whole "chord and improvisation thing" is rather new to you, this is something you'll likely consider to be quite the treat...

Firstly, the list of programs included in this attractive package are listed below. Click on the links to get a description of each learning tool. But be sure to use the special order button below to take advantage of this temporary special savings offer!

1) How To Play Piano By Ear Without Knowing How To Read A Note Of Music

2) Piano Triads 101

3) The Ridiculously Easy Way To Master Those 7th Chords On The Piano

4) The Magic 3

5) The One Improvisation Secret You Must Know

Remember... you don't need to be able to read music to take advantage of ANY of these programs!

Also, like all of our learning tools, ALL of these programs are available via online access so

Take your time using these fun tools day or night, 24/7. Grab the savings now and
proceed completely at your own pace! That's the beauty of all this...

Okay, to take advantage right now of this temporary savings bundle,
simply click the order button below to enjoy instant access!

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*****The Ultimate Secret To Creative Piano Playing*****


*****The #1 Obstacle To Playing Piano By Ear*****

(Both are available in .pdf instant download format!)


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