Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to share just a few questions that some people have be inclined to ask below. Naturally, if you have your own, simply email me and I will be really happy to respond with the best answer I can provide…

Do I need to be able to read music to use ProProach?

No. I don’t use written examples throughout the program simply because I know there are lots of players who can play songs and know how to play chords who don’t even read music. Whether you read or not, you will benefit from this.

Do you use real songs as examples in your demonstrations?

Yes, excerpts of well known standard songs are used throughout ProProach to demonstrate the concepts discussed.

Can I download the videos to my device?

Yes, the videos are available in .mp4 format and you can download them to your device to use at your convenience. This is especially helpful when you want to prop up your tablet, for example, up on your piano music stand.

I don’t know how to play piano chords, really. Can I benefit from this? 

The chord structures in ProProach are made available in diagram form so you can simply play the keys that are shown. However, I would strongly recommend that you acquire some knowledge of basic 7th chords to get the most benefit from this program. If this rings true for you, please email me! I believe I may be able to provide you with some direction.

What exactly is a piano chord voicing?

In simple terms, a “piano chord voicing” is a chord structure that results from taking a chord as you know it in basic form and manipulating the chord tones by taking one or more of the following actions:

1) rearranging the chord tones

2) doubling one or more chord tones

3) eliminating one or more chord tones

4) adding one or more tones to the original chord structure

The results that you can achieve are endless and so are the beautiful chord sounds that one can achieve. Also, when you learn how to take these voicings and incorporate them into your favorite songs, which ProProach teaches, your appreciation for both your own ability and music, in general, becomes enhanced even more so! Truly, this is an art that captivates anyone who spends time learning more and more about it.

Once again, just email me if you have a question that you need answered. I’m really into helping and will get back to you relatively quickly, usually within 24 hours, often less.