A few happy customers… 🙂


“Dave, I was sitting there at the piano with Lesson #5 of ProProach in front of me. I was watching you play those voicings in the video, pausing it just long enough to copy what you were doing on the piano at different intervals. While becoming absorbed with this, my grandson (in his twenties) walked in – his entry by surprise.. he stood still for a moment with his mouth wide open, and looked stunned…

‘Gramps,” he remarked, “I never heard those sounds come out of your playing before. I knew you were in here up to something and had to see what was going on…’

He was flabbergasted, and I have to say, the way he stood there, with that look on his face, and hearing those words come out of him… well, need I say how good that felt?”

– Pat, Rhode Island, USA

“I’m really beginning to ‘like’ the way I sound now!! Thanks for making this course available to us. Hope your other students are having as much Fun as I am!!” “… your lessons. They are Fun and you keep them Interesting and enjoyable to DO!…

…It has dawned on me why I am enjoying your Teachings so much…it is because you don’t just tell us about the Sus chords or 9th,11th or 13th—- you teach us WHERE and HOW to USE them…”

– Rusti, Arizona, USA

“Dear Dave,

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying your ProProach course… Just wanted you to know, yours is a terrific program!!

…I think this is important – As you know, Dave, different people learn in different ways. I have always learned best when someone tells me to do something and then follows up by adding the “why it makes sense to do it this way” part. I think that’s the reason your program is well thought out and your presentation is excellent. A program well worth the investment for anyone who wants to know how music works. Keep up the good work!”

– Richard, Arkansas, USA